• Service

Service is not just an 8-5 job. We know that not everything breaks during the working hours. If you have an emergency after hours, we have a 24 hours emergency line to get service quickly and when you need it.

With our licensed and experienced technicians, we have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your satisfaction with all repairs. We will service all existing products and sell and install new when existing cannot be repaired. Our stocked vans carry many replacement parts that are found in average home plumbing devices. We can provide you with a complete plumbing service from a leaky faucet to a sewer repair. No hot water? No problem, give us a call and we can repair or replace the water heater. Kitchen faucet dripping? No problem, we can get replacement cartridges to get a new tight seal to stop the drip. We also provide complete service for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. With our technicians you can expect an accurate diagnosis and repair using some of the newest equipment. We also offer annual and preventive maintenance on heating and cooling equipment. Many problems can be fixed while they are still minor problems before then become major issues with preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance program includes but is not limited to routine inspections and adjustments of: thermostats, heat exchangers, gas valves, limit switches, filters, belts and burners.

Have a commercial boiler that needs an inspection to comply with state regulations? Give the service department a call and we can help you out. For non-emergency service please fill out our contact form.

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