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  • Weinkauf Plumbing & Heating is the area's only Authorized Trane comfort specialist dealer. Featuring a full line of Trane Heating and Air Conditioning products.
  • Trane offers 5 different models of forced air furnaces that boast an impressive 95% or higher efficiency including the Trane XV-95 2 Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace. It uses gradual, steady warmth for efficiency and can achieve up to 97% efficiency.
  • Trane Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps are among the most efficient and reliable in the industry.
  • Trane Air Conditioners draw heat from your home during the summertime leaving your home environment cool, crisp and refreshing.
  • Trane Heat Pumps draw heat from your home during the summer and into your home in the fall/winter utilizing energy savings for every season comfort.
  • Trane Mini-Splits are ideal for a space that isn’t connected to a central heating or cooling system, the mini-split ductless system provides heating and cooling for single or multiple zones with reliable comfort using one to four indoor units, an outdoor unit and a remote control.
  • Trane offers a 10 year extended warranty with all new equipment installations.
  • DTE Utility rebates on qualifying equipment of up to $325 are available.


  • Harness the power of the earth in your home. No matter your region, Trane EnviroWise™ geothermal systems tap into this renewable, sustainable fuel source to efficiently heat and cool your home, even your water.
  • The EPA has recognized that geothermal heating and cooling systems are one of the most efficient ways reduce your homes energy consumption.
  • Tax credits are available helping to leave your wallet intact.
  • There are many types of geothermal systems. Contact our design professionals and we might be able to design a system for your family's lifestyle.

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  • Since 1919, Lochinvar, LLC has provided homes and businesses with innovative, efficient solutions for water heating and space heating. Lochinvar’s industry-leading technology makes the KNIGHT residential heating boiler the best choice you can make to keep your family warm and comfortable through the entire range of winter temperatures.
  • KNIGHT meets strict ENERGY STAR efficiency guidelines set by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Its remarkable 95% AFUE* efficiency rating means that 95 cents of every energy dollar you spend with your gas utility provider goes directly into heating your home.
  • Efficiently heat your hot water with Lochinvars Squire. Coupled with your high efficient Knight Boiler the Squire uses your boilers efficiency to heat all of your homes hot water needs. If you have or are will be getting a new boiler system, it would be extremely benificial to throw out that old, inefficient water heater and upgrade to a new indirect water heater.
DTE Utility rebates on qualifying equipment of up to $1000 are available.